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The Farm

Between the foothills of the Cotswold hills and the rich fertile ground of the Vale of Evesham, lies Gorsehill Abbey Farm.  The Dairy herd  like the rest of the farm is managed to organic standards, and the Montbeliarde and Friesian cows are traditional breeds renowned for the quality of their milk and the flavour which it imparts to the cheese.

The farm has been registered organic for over 10 years, although it has been managed along organic lines for very much longer. Many of the pastures are at least 150 years old, and retain the ridge and furrow pattern which developed in the middle ages but disappeared from most farms in the second half of the 20th century due to modern cultivation techniques.  The cows also graze the Perry Pear orchards beneath ancient trees whose fruit is used to produce perry in the autumn.

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The Cheese

A variety of soft cheeses and "Fromage Frais"  ranging from Cotswold  Natural  and Cotswold Herb a very fresh  young garlic and herb flavoured cheese through the more mellow St Eadburgha, to the semi hard  rich and creamy St Kenelm or the nuttier taste of St Egwin

The People

Michael and Diane Stacey have been farming here for over thirtyfive years, and our son Nick has lived here all his life.  Although we have made cheese intermittently for the family for many years we have only been making it commercially since 2003

In September 2006 Rebecca joined us, to help on the farm and in the cheese room and at some of the markets where you may meet her.

In November 2006 Gordon joined us and is now taking care of the cows to allow us to concentrate more on the cheese.

We are members of to the Specialist  Cheesemakers Association, and by visiting their website http://www.specialistcheesemakers.co.uk/ you can find out about many small scale cheesemakers like us who make cheese for the love of the product and the land and countryside which produces it.



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